Together Everyone Achieves More

Eastern Carolinas Commercial Real Estate is a full service Commercial Brokerage Firm only, to that effect we have identified several area Residential Realtors and Residential Firms to whom we can place your residential needs. To that effect we also have created the Residential Realtor Referral Program.

Eastern Carolinas Commercial Real Estate is a strong believer in the power of T.E.A.M or Together Everyone Achieves More. Staying true to that concept ECCRE is excited about our Referral Commission Program available to Residential Realtors and Brokers throughout the Eastern Carolinas with specific attention to the Wilmington, Jacksonville, Leland, Shallotte, New Bern, Greenville and Myrtle Beach Marketplaces.

Why Refer a potential client? As a Realtor/Broker we typically want to jump to the conclusion that we can service the client, Why not just hop on the MLS and do a search? What happens when the MLS provides no leads and no further information to meet that clients needs? Do you have a solid relationship with a referral partner?

Well the first question you need to ask your self is can I accomplish within a set time frame the goals that are being expressed by the seller/purchaser? Then ask your self

  • Do I understand what they mean when they say they want their IRR to be (x)% or that the Cap Rate the are looking to achieve is a 7%?
  • Do you understand how a Phase I ESA can help or hurt the property? What happens if there is a Phase II?
  • What kind of soils are present, how does it affect compaction, do we need better dirt?
  • What are the prevailing lease rates in xyz area of town, can we get a TIA, Free Rental?
  • Is the purchase / lease rate based on RSF or USF?
  • What are the TICAM’s?
  • Can my use go at this location? Zoning, Deed Restrictions?
  • What are the set backs and the net acreage and how do they affect the price of the property?
  • Capacity for Utilities
  • Off Site Costs
  • Do I have any off market or pocket listings that meet this criteria?

ECCRE Can Help

ECCRE can help, you and your client and with the referral you will receive a sizeable fee. Here are some examples – In 2014 Garry sold Briarwood Golf Course and paid a referral of $20,000.00 to the referring broker who knew she did not have the capability or expertise to deliver on the sale. Now in 2015 we are committed to pay a referral of $24,000.00 on the sale of 15 acres of Multifamily land, upon its successful closing, there are a myriad of contract and capacity issues we have navigated for the seller on this deal. Are you ready to make your referral commission? Once the Website Referral Agreement below is complete email us at and we will be in touch to discuss the referral with you after reviewing whether Garry, Nick or Berny is the best candidate to work on the project. All Deals are Unique and not every referral is the same however we offer

  • 20% on a listing referral
  • 20% on a purchase referral

Payment of the Referral of Sale or Purchase is upon the successful closing on the property.

Payment on a Referral of a Lease is when we receive payment which usually occurs in two steps, half at lease execution and half at rent commencement.

We look forward to working with you.

Eastern Carolinas Commercial Real Estate