Leasing your property isn’t a challenge when you have a clear path to success.

Eastern Carolinas Commercial Real Estate represents a diverse client group of Landlords across the Carolinas. From our office in Wilmington, North Carolina we oversee multiple leasing options in the Eastern Carolinas, with properties located throughout Brunswick County, New Hanover County, Pender County, Onslow County and Horry County South Carolina. With our client base being broad and diverse, from large institutional Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s) and Regional Landlords to local investor/owners across several property types.

Whether it is a Grocery Anchored Center, a Regional Power Center, a standalone Industrial building, office building or individual office condos, ECCRE is dedicated to ensuring your properties success in locating a tenant.

Our clients on average have one of the higher return on their investment in their property portfolio. This rental return yields a higher dollar value to achieve our clients’ goals from a potential sale or their long term hold’s return.

How does ECCRE provide upside to potential Landlords? Its Simple, our proprietary Marketing Methodology. Some of our 35 steps are:

  1. Evaluating the Current Tenancy and rental levels for the property and comparing it with other properties in its class type.
  2. Understanding the Current Market and what the per square foot average rental and the NNN Costs that are associated with it allows ECCRE to quickly advise our clients on potential rental levels and thresholds depending on each prospective tenants credit and background, as well as doing a competitive analysis to see what is lacking within the area to ensure that the tenant will thrive. A tenant who is doing well is less likely to leave the property and search for a better deal elsewhere.
  3. Negotiating the proper rental escalator
  4. Negotiating the proper lease terms for each tenant, a restaurant user is not going to have the same rental capability as a hair salon or office user would. Industrial users are in their own category when it comes to looking at location and property types for their use.
  5. Managing the lease throughout the tenants tenancy… what does this mean? By making quarterly visits to check in with the tenants that are placed we are able to get a perspective of how the tenant is doing in order to advise our Landlord of any potential issues that may come up at renewal or prior to.

Our Marketing Methodology is one that is simple enough to span all property types, yet is able to become specific when targeting tenants, that’s how we are able to make Real Estate Solutions in Real Time for our clients. Call us to schedule a property consultation on how ECCRE can help you receive the results you desire at (910) 399 4602.

For More Information and a Brief Presentation on Why to Hire ECCRE for your Retail Property please click this link Why Hire ECCRE – Retail – 11514

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