Hospitality Sales and Representation with ECCRE

Why Hire ECCRE to Represent you?


From Flagged Hotels to local Hospitality options, ECCRE is here to help you

Eastern Carolinas Commercial Real Estate’s Hospitality group has brokered the sale of a multitude of hospitality assets in the Eastern Carolinas. Based out of Wilmington North Carolina, ECCRE’s representation trade area is east of I 95 in North Carolina. Our clients have entrusted us with some of their major assets and in turn we have shown skill, care and diligence in pursuing their swift sale. 

For some of the assets our client own, we have brought in a higher per key price than they were advised they could achieve? How ? Through our dedicated marketing methodology that shows not just the asset as it sits today, but what the asset can be in the future. By looking behind we can help plan for the future and achieve the higher return on invest that our clients are looking for. 

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