Commercial Market Update

Commercial Market Update

Eastern Carolinas Commercial Real Estate is excited to show the transaction leaderboards for 2016 through the end of May for two reasons, since we made the switch to the new North Carolina Commercial MLS system, the over experience has been amazing for the ease of use and ease in locating data and trends.

The first reason is the ability to see the amount of in sales and leasing trends.

The other reason is a bit vain, but ECCRE’s brokers rank in the top 10 consistently and our hard work is showing off with results.

Check out the market trends below. Commercial MLS Leaderboard - Office - End of May 2016 Commercial Real Estate Leaderboard - Industrial - End of May 2016 Commercial Mls Leader Board - Shopping Centers - End of May Commercial Real Estate Leaderboard - Land - End of May 2016 Commercial MLS Leader Board - MF - End of May 2016


For any questions on the Leaderboards and what they mean for the market, feel free to call us at

(910) 399 4602